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The Ingenuity Program is a talent development program designed to enhance creativity and promote innovation by combining the freedom to pursue one’s interest, talent or passion with the structure and support to make meaningful progress.

PBL at Forman

Geometry in Universal DEsign

PROJECT IDEA: Working in teams of two or three, students create engineering firms and are tasked with to design and building a ramp for the Ingenuity Lab door to make it wheelchair accessible. Each team is to propose their final ADA approved design, complete with a scale prototype, cost analysis, and timeline for completion to the Director of the Ingenuity Program who will green light one design to be built to full scale. 

DRIVING QUESTION: Can you design an ADA approved ramp, build a scale model and carry out a winning pitch that results in your ramp being chosen, built and used?

PUBLIC COMPONENT: Each firm pitches their proposal to Mr. Ford in JAC. Students build the winning ramp and used when needed. All designs and final ramp are to be shown during the PBL Exhibition during parents weekend in the spring of 2017.